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Well thought after ERP for content managment and publication. Unique by itself. Simple, elegant, yet get things done

Sunny Lim

Is Your Content Organized? Let's Make It Better

Focus On What You Do Best - Write And Be Creative. Scribable Will Help You With Content Organization And Delivery

Put All Content In One Place

  • Organize your content into tasks list
  • Prioritize Articles By Due Date
  • Save Different Formats For Social Network Posts

Give Your Clients Public Preview

  • Let Your Clients Know The Status Of Their Ordered Articles
  • Clients Can Preview Any Article Assigned Under Their Projects
  • Let Them Easily Approve Finished Article Or Request Revisions
  • Simplified Communication With Clients Through Real Time Comments On Every Article

Group Content Under Projects

  • Group Content For Each Client Under proper Projects
  • Set Monthly Or Weekly Goals In Terms Of Articles You Need To Deliver For Recurring Projects
  • Connect Project With WordPress, Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter For Direct Publishing or Scheduling

Generate Invoices For Published Articles

  • Auto populating all articles with published status between selected date range
  • Enter custom price, or let Scribable automatically calculate total price if you are pricing articles per word
  • Print Or Save As PDF
  • Save Invoices in Database And Mark paid or Pending Depending on the Status

Valuable Insights For Your Productivity

  • Analyze Yours And Your Team Productivity With Various Data
  • Locate Potential Repeating Patterns In Writing And Client Requests
  • Analyze Your Content Approval Rate

Why Agencies Choose Scribable As Their Main App

Read from our customers how you too can integrate Scribable in your workflow and improve organization.

Instantly solved my google docs workflow

We are stuck with google docs and excel sheets. We tried multiple CRM but they arent made for content writing. This one perfectly fits the bill with a built-in document editor! Me and my writers are smiling!

remember StoryChief back in the day? This is like that but with better bones.

I can definitely work this clean and starightforward app into my workflow. Scribable is helping me to organize all of my drafts and ideas in one place, and to assign writing projects to my team and keep track of their progress. It is everything I wanted StoryChief to be and more

Scribable is an excellent tool

Scribable is an excellent tool for all who write any type of content, whether on social media, portals or blogs. Each member of my team gives thumbs up to this product!

Milica Lakicevic

Content Management System Built For Writers

Powerful Editor

  • Keep all information for your article – task description, due date, word count goal and more
  • Save as PDF or Word
  • SEO Helpers to help you focus
  • Assign articles under projects, assign it to team member, and get a quick public share url to send it to client for approval and preview
  • Change Article’s status as you progress through different stages of writing it
  • Communicate with your client directly through comments box

Keep & Share Notes

  • Save important notes and share it with your team within Scribable dashboard
  • Keep private notes visible only to you
  • Powerful content editor to format your notes into tutorials or onboarding articles for your team

Publish Directly To Multiple Channels

  • Connect projects with clients social networks with few clicks
  • Publish Or Schedule content for WordPress, Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin
  • Multiple post formats to match content needs for these platforms

Use Cases - Who Is Scribable For



Agencies that provide content writing or outsourcing, or maintain Social networks for their clients can benefit using Scribable. They can easily manage content and collaboration within multiple projects and track progress for each client. Get approvals faster with public content preview option where client can track progress and do 1 click approval. Scribable will help you to publish content directly to multiple networks as well.

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Freelancers can Save time and be more productive by implementing Scribable into their workflow to organize and manage content. And automate communication and delivery of content to their clients. Keep notes and information about clients and projects in one app.

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Website Owners

Website Owners

Use one app to organize all your content and invite freelancers to provide you with articles without giving them direct access to your website(s). Then publish final version accros your websites with direct integration with WordPress. Keep all your content in one place and work on your drafts until it is ready for publication.

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