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What our partners say about us

Instantly solved my google docs workflow

We are stuck with google docs and excel sheets. We tried multiple CRM but they arent made for content writing. This one perfectly fits the bill with a built-in document editor! Me and my writers are smiling!

remember StoryChief back in the day? This is like that but with better bones.

I can definitely work this clean and starightforward app into my workflow. Scribable is helping me to organize all of my drafts and ideas in one place, and to assign writing projects to my team and keep track of their progress. It is everything I wanted StoryChief to be and more

Scribable is an excellent tool

Scribable is an excellent tool for all who write any type of content, whether on social media, portals or blogs. Each member of my team gives thumbs up to this product!

Milica Lakicevic

How It Works

Organize Content Per Project

  • Group Your Content Into Projects And Assign It For Clients
  • Set monthly and weekly goals for projects, make sure you deliver set number of articles for recurring projects
  • Integrate with WordPress, Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin

Public View For Clients

  • Let your clients track the progress and status of ordered articles
  • Provide your clients with effective way to approve your content or request revision directly from public article url
  • Deliver them all post formats directly from client public url
  • Client can download images and copy content from public view
  • Every article public url gives client core info about article, like word count, to which networks it was published, keywords and more
  • Let client leave comments directly on every article

Powerful Content Editor

  • Distraction free writing
  • SEO Helpers
  • Add description to each article task for better clarification
  • Publish directly to social media networks
  • Save content as pdf or word
  • Assign team member, project and client to the content
  • Communicate with client via comments directly from each article

Generate Invoices With Few Clicks

You can easily generate invoices for your clients with just few simple steps. By selecting if you want to automatically pull articles from a selected project or client (all articles under every project assigned to the client). After selecting date interval invoice will be populated by all articles marked as published during that period. If you are pricing articles per word count, it will automatically calculate total cost, or you can set manually custom price


Curated Insights To Increase Performance

  • Track your team performance to identify what to improve
  • Get data on clients approvals and revisions to see which areas luck more attention
  • Compare periods to get overall statistics of published articles, newly created articles and how many of created ones were published
  • Track how many articles you receive monthly
  • Track how many projects and clients you receive monthly