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What Are People Using Scribable Saying About Us

Instantly solved my google docs workflow

We are stuck with google docs and excel sheets. We tried multiple CRM but they arent made for content writing. This one perfectly fits the bill with a built-in document editor! Me and my writers are smiling!

remember StoryChief back in the day? This is like that but with better bones.

I can definitely work this clean and starightforward app into my workflow. Scribable is helping me to organize all of my drafts and ideas in one place, and to assign writing projects to my team and keep track of their progress. It is everything I wanted StoryChief to be and more

Scribable is an excellent tool

Scribable is an excellent tool for all who write any type of content, whether on social media, portals or blogs. Each member of my team gives thumbs up to this product!

Milica Lakicevic

How It Works

Powerful Content Editor

  • SEO Helpers to help you focus on your keywords
  • When finished publish directly to your WordPress website and social media pages
  • Set words count goal to help you reach minimum content requirements
  • Full screen distraction free writing

Keep Notes

  • Save notes that can help you in your writing process
  • Keep guides or inspirational content for yourself as notes
  • Powerful content editor that can help you structure notes content nicely into sections when needed
  • Save your research for later use in writing process

Keep Your Content Organized

  • Keep up with your drafts and future posts by setting them proper status as they progress
  • If you need to hire freelancer to help you with some articles, you can easily invite them. They will only have access to the articles they are assigned to