Create WordPress Content From Single Platform

Easily create content and publish to WordPress through Scribable. Maintain multiple websites from single platform. Whether you have number of microsites or you are creating new content for clients, we can help you simplify this process.

Writing WordPress Content Can Be Fun

Powerfull Editor With SEO Helpers

Content editor provides you with many features that will help you create great WordPress content for your clients. Write posts from familiar editor, check your SEO stats and publish with one click.


Collaborate to Create Content, Publish to WordPress


Plan WordPress And Social Media Content

Organize posts and social media content into tasks and delegate them within the team.


Customer Approves Content

After article/social post is finished, change the status and client will be automatically emailed to approve your content or request revision, or comment with suggestions


Schedule Or Publish to WordPress

Publish content right away or schedule it to WordPress, Linkedin, Facebook and Twitter. You can publish to WordPress in post format and use social post format to distribute it to social media.


Content Management And Publishing Tool

Automate Notifications

Automate Notifications

Every time you send post for review, or publish it, or leave a comment, client will automatically receive an email. When client request revision, approve post or comment on it, you will receive notification.

Dynamic Invoice

Dynamic Invoice

Charge per word count or fixed price per project. Select for which project or client you want to create an invoice for, and it will automatically populate all posts published under it.

Powerfull Analytics

Powerfull Analytics

Get overview of all important statistics happening with project progress. Track productivity, learn what your team can improve and more. If you connect social media accounts with project you can monitor social analytics as well.

Project Management

Project Management

Keep everything organized. You can save all important info and assign tasks under each project. If you are creating fresh content for a project weekly or monthly you can easily set goal and track progress.


Simple Predictive Pricing. No Hidden Costs


Simple to Use Content Marketing Platform